How to Deal with Puppy Whining

Puppy whining comes very naturally to puppies when they are hungry, cold or tired. The mother dog will react to puppy whining by providing warmth, milk, and a secure sleeping place.

Gradually, the puppy will start to connect the two things and will begin to whine deliberately. This tells the mother that her puppy wants something or there is a problem. You should know service dog training detailed


Puppy adoption should occur between eight and ten weeks of age. This is when puppies discover that whining doesn’t have any impact with their new family; or they may use whining to manipulate their new mother (you!) into giving them what they want.

Because of this, it is generally believed that new puppies should be left on their own on their first night in a new home. If you react to puppy whining with sympathy, cooing, cuddling etc., your dog is certain to think that whining will get him what he needs.

Obviously, this will take common sense and excellent judgment on your part. A nervous puppy will require affection, reassurance and attention. The secret is to respond quickly so he doesn’t think that puppy whining is what got the desired result. Your pup must not be conditioned to whine every time he wants something.

In order to train your puppy to be content when he is on his own, leave him alone even while you are at home. This should help to avoid your puppy suffering from separation anxiety when you leave him at home alone. As soon as you are sure that all your puppy’s physical needs have been met and you have taken the time to accustom him to isolation, then you must teach him that whining is not acceptable.

Of course, puppies that are very upset, crying, and whining should not be heartlessly ignored. As soon as the whining stops, you should calm him down and show him affection. Some puppies whine for an extended period of time so it is not always feasible to wait until they have stopped whining.

In this instance, you don’t need to extend your puppy’s anguish – as soon as he stops whining for even a few moments, you should open the crate door. This is certainly not ideal but, under the circumstances, it’s probably the best you’ll be able to do.

In Conclusion

Most dogs have grown out of puppy whining by the time they are six months old. If the whining continues after this period, the puppy is doing it by nature, or has discovered that this gets him what he wants.

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